I do say, if any of you have livejournals... and you get bored... you could add Mace Windu to your friendlist... he needs some love. XD

{ Monday, February 28, 2005 // 03:22 p.m.
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omg new layout for this thing soon, I swear. It's gonna have Big Smoke, Sweet, Ryder & C.J. on it -- from GTA: San Andreas. <333333333333

For the most recent updates on my boring life - you can check out the livejournal -- until I get this damn thing a new layout and stuff. XD You can friend me if you want... just make sure you leave a comment and let me know. <3

{ Wednesday, November 17, 2004 // 10:35 a.m.
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I was so bored the other night, sitting on the internet. I putzed around and attempted to make new layouts for things, but I got nothing done. I ended up going around to all these old sites I used to go to. I checked on Aria (still cute as ever), Shinra Online (I see good old Tseng on the Silent Hill Forum more than I ever saw him on SO), Habbo Hotel (I still have the Mace Windu sprite)... I talked to Jeremy for a few minutes. He was telling me how he kicked some kids asses at DDR in the arcade; in his labcoat. XD

It was Erin's birthday last week - she's finally an "old, old man" as she likes to call it. (She's 19 now.) And she got kittens. Two of them. :D

I need to figure out what I'm writing for National Novel Writing Month... 50,000 words. Oi. XD

{ Tuesday, October 5, 2004 // 10:13 p.m.
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SH4 kicks all kinds of ass - I'm currently on my way to getting my second ending. <3

Mom's surgery went well, she's sitting at home with her leg propped up, probably taking painkillers. But she doesn't have to wear a leg brace -- which is good, they only put a bigass bandage around her leg. :D

Have I mentioned that Bam Margera is a new hottie? He kind of reminds me of Zak - except Zak isn't that sporadic and... odd. O_o It's something about his eyes and the faces he makes or something. Bam is so cute. <3

Fable came out yesterday. And I got money back from State Taxes -- cause they screwed up or something. ;D So I thank them for my check... and now I will use it to possibly get Fable. Then Myst 4 is next week... then GTA:SA in October, then BK on Gamecube in November, then KotOR2 in December~!!! <333333333


{ Thursday, September 16, 2004 // 03:10 p.m.
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Weee! So I fixed up the daily reads a little - added some stuff I actually read (Zach Braff, etc.) -- since a lot of people don't post in their blogs anymore. Keke~

I've been playing SH4 like mad and I've probably almost peed my pants about 4395724983758947589475 times so far. The hauntings in the apartment, the murder, the mayhem! OMG! It kicks so much ass. <3 And I love Henry and Walter. <3

SH4 party this weekend. XD

{ Friday, September 10, 2004 // 11:05 a.m.
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D*C was fun. I'm too lazy to type up an actual report -- for some reason I never get around to doing that for cons. But some pictures should be online soon. Yeah, so we'll move on to more things now.

Zak and I finally saw Garden State last night (that was our third attempt to see it, and it finally worked). Gorgeous movie, just like I knew it would be when I saw the trailer for it at Napoleon Dynamite. It's easily one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for movies like that - especially ones that have that underlying sense of dark humor. Zach Braff and Natalie Portman were incredible, and you actually felt for them and wanted them to get together, unlike most movies today where you don't give a shit whether or not anyone ends up with anyone because no one has any character at all.

Andrew Largeman reminds me of Zak. I don't know what it is. I think it's the occasionally indifferent state he's in, or the way he reacts to things. But the character was doing things in the movie that made me look over at Zak like, "Mmmmhmm, don't deny it - you do that too." He said he enjoyed the movie (the fact that he LOVES Natalie Portman played a small role in that) -- but he liked it for more than her. I adored it as well. I'll be buying it when it comes out on DVD. XD

I called my Dad when Zak and I were on the way to dinner. He's fine -- there's some flooding around where he lives but nothing too serious happened. They're all safe. ^_^

I get to go pick up SILENT HILL 4 TODAY FINALLY OMG! <3

{ Wednesday, September 8, 2004 // 09:29 a.m.
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Okay, this Fall is total game seasom. I'm gonna be holed up in the house playing non-stop.

- Silent Hill 4: The Room
- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- Myst: Revelation
- Mortal Kombat: Deception
- Star Wars: Battlefront
- Halo 2

So OMG yes. Games games games. Ronnie said he's probably buying Halo 2 - so we can just play that together. I don't think I'll buy that one... but I might, you never know.

Erin is back from camp. :D Now we just have to work on D*C costumes!! ^_^

{ Friday, August 13, 2004 // 03:16 p.m.
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Otakon was good and bad. Baltimore sucks ass. As well as the con center. (Closing at 2am?) --- but yeah, the concert was worth all the money I paid and L'arc~en~ciel proved once again why they're one of my favorite bands. :D

Did I mention how much I love Otakubooty? We're bitching about signs on there.

me: I think what really pissed me off about the city was the roads. (As well as the humidity, but that's in more places than just Baltimore.) I should've gone to the Zoo. Baltimore has a kickass zoo. At least the animals wouldn't have had signs. -_-

- It might also smell better than the sign carriers at Otakon... I walked into the rave... it was like one of the Rings of HELL from the Inferno - the smell!!! UFFF!!!
- Oh, and the panda is wearing a cheap cheongsam it bought in the dealer's room, that chinese slut!

me: HAHAHAHAHHA! And suddenly the panda can scream, "HUGS KAWAII-SAMA-NESU-KAN-SUGOI-NEKONEKOMEOWSHIT!!!" - and then the pandas proceed to "glomp" you till you bleed to death, their paper signs snuffing the life out of you. -_- Damn. I can't go to the Zoo then either!

I love OB. I was sad that I missed the meetup - which was Baltimore's fault for being such a retarded shittily laid out city.

I loved meeting up with Brittney and also the Silent Hill cosplayers. And everyone liked the Mario and Luigi costumes. :D

I'll write more on it later when I wake up a little. XD

{ Monday, August 2, 2004 // 11:38 a.m.
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Xela!! Just lemme know when you find out! <3 If you can't make it (;-;-;-;-;-;), I'll start hunting for another Jaina... (Although no one could fill your shoes, yo. *hugs*)

Samantha is back for the weekend. So Magarette is setting up a time for everyone to go out to dinner. I haven't seen Sam in over a year~ it'll be really good to see her again. Then we're probably gonna go play laser tag. I've had an itchy trigger finger for awhile. I'll suck at it, but it'll still be fun. MUAHA.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's the other night for Ronnie's birthday. XD I think he said it was Shannon's idea. But we all had fun. And Ronnie won 50 tickets on the first game he touched. Hehe~ then we sat in the empty showroom and watched the scary animatronics and Zak told us how he used to go to CEC's when he was little, and he remembered how they used to creak really loud. It was entertaining. With all of our tickets, we ended up getting some cheap little things, well, Ronnie did. We gave all the tickets to him since it was his birthday, HEHE. He got a nerf foot. O_o And some bubbles and stuff.

After that we went to Wal-Mart, and I finally found my Henry shirt. I got a shade of slight off-white, since his shirt looks white -- but a grimy white. XD

Zak and I continued our FF7 game last night. We got Vincent then got lazy and stopped. I can't wait to get back to the Golden Saucer so I can see Joe and Teioh. I'm so making that costume. XD

I'm about done with the Mario(a) costume. I just need socks/stockings. I decided I'm gonna wear my knee-high boots. Ronnie still has to get his overalls and his hat. And his boots. Then we'll put the L on his hat - and he'll be done. Of course, we still need to make our "props" -- hehe.

And we found other people staying at the Radisson Cross Keys, so we'll meet up with them and probably taxi to the con center. :D

AND YAY! The Ghetto is back!

{ Friday, July 23, 2004 // 10:32 a.m.
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OMG - Otaku Booty is so funny. XD I love leaving comments on people's profiles. Many props to John Booty for making such a fun place to surf to. XD

Thanks to that site and a bunch of other sites, I have a lot of people to find at Otakon. O_o AMANDA! <3 (KATSUYA POWAH!) -- Britt & Johnny (from the Ghetto - and whoever else is going from the ghetto, Douggie?) -- Ranma, Arucard, EE (I swear we've exchanged every comment 327842879478 times), silex (all from OB) -- Lisa, CB, Luna (from cosplay.com) ...Ronnie and I are gonna be busy. O_o And we have to go to the OB meetup too. XD

Bowling this weekend with the Fanforce. It was fun last weekend with Erin and the crew (Erin, Faith, Matt, Joey, Magarette, Alex, Frank and Zak) -- it was good to see everyone, especially Frank. I haven't seen him in forever. We bitched about them changing the menu at Taco Bell and he was telling me how he hates college. He always makes me laugh. ^_^

Alright, I'll post more later. I'm gonna go work on costumes. MUAH!

{ Wednesday, July 21, 2004 // 10:20 p.m.
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As you can see, there's a new layout here. It's a picture from the CLAMP manga xxxHOLiC, which kicks some mighty ass. It's so cute. ^^;

Anyways, new layout over at the Henry shrine -- got the spoliers up. They're marked though, so if you haven't played SH4 and you still want to check it out, go ahead. :D Just make sure you look for the spoiler warnings... no complaining because you didn't see them or something.

I finally got my Silent Hill 4 soundtrack today. It shipped here from CA and took a week. But I got it. And I be a happy little mofo now. Even though I have all the songs on the computer (to all the SH soundtracks) I still always buy the official ones. I guess I'm a nerd like that. O_o The storytelling second disc has some cool background music (obviously, because it's Akira Yamaoka <3) -- I just wish I knew what the storyteller was saying. -_-;;

I registered for classes today. :D I'm only taking a few, but I got it done. I got three of them done on the phone at about 2am and then I went to the campus in person to register for my English Honors course (I had to show them my scores on the placement test and junk like that. XD) --- now that's all taken care of, I just have to get a parking permit for the campus and I'll be all set. Yay~ (I think.)

Zak found a real arcade near his place, a REAL one, he says. Not a fake ass lame arcade like the one in the mall and all the ones that are around here. A REAL one, like old school real. We'll see... O_o

I'm so tired. Must... sleep... but... must write...

{ Friday, July 16, 2004 // 01:38 a.m.
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